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Unicorn Poop

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Texture: cloud cream dough

Scent: Captain Crunch Berries

Level: beginner


Full Size (10oz)

Half Size (5oz)

Minis (2.5oz)

Charms: unicorn head charm with rainbow sprinkles

*This slime will either turn green or greyish depending how much pink is in it. If it turns grey choose any color of food coloring you have at home to turn it back to a fun color. Please do not purchase if you are not okay with the chance it may turn into a greyish color. 

Depending how pigmented a slime is it may turn your hands a color but it will wash right off as it’s just food coloring.

Every order comes with 1 free sticky be gone (activator).


DO NOT EAT. Small loose parts are considered a choking hazard. NOT FOR CHILDREN UNDER 3 YEARS OLD.


*Always wash hands and playing surface before and after playing with slime. If you have warm hands you may need to put some sticky be gone activator on your hands or the slime as heat breaks down the chemical bonds in slime causing it to turn back into glue (which is why your slime gets sticky) Please watch videos on the back of the slime care card or reach out if you have any questions*